Commitment to new technologies

We develop innovative products

LAAG presents the latest non-stick coatings with highly developed technology to meet the needs of the bread and pastries sector.

With our commitment to research and innovation, and thanks to many years R&D, LAAG offers the sector a revolutionary technological solution that represents a turning point for the industry.

At LAAG, we adapt the coating solution used to meet the needs of each customer. This means the baking industry benefits not just from a revolution that adds value to the manufacturing process as a whole but to the processes of each and every company in this fast-moving sector.

One of our goals is to earn the loyalty of our customers. Our team works hard to ensure your trust and satisfaction, getting involved in your daily routine in order to find out your concerns and meet your expectations.

LAAG coatings are fully certified by international testing bodies and meet all the necessary food hygiene standards.